iGaming in Malta

Since 2000 the remote iGaming Malta  industry has witnessed a remarkable and rapid growth. Over 500 igaming applications have been submitted to the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority since April 2004 by operators wishing to run remote gaming companies in Malta, including some of the world’s leading operators. All forms of interactive igaming (including online casinos, casino-style games, betting exchanges and lotteries) through the use of any means of distance communication (such as internet, mobile, telephone and fax) can be carried on from Malta. The many iGaming company operators have chosen to locate in Malta due to several attractive factors which Malta offers:

  • Malta is the only country within the EU which regulates remote gaming
  • Online Gaming in Malta has a reputation of being operated out of a well-regulated jurisdiction which safeguards the interests of both operators and players
  • a very attractive fiscal regime
  • an efficient and relatively inexpensive Malta gaming license process
  • a stable political climate
  • established financial services institutions (including payment gateways) for Maltese gambling companies
  • support services by pro-active professionals who adopt a ‘can do’ attitude to assist Malta gambling companies
  • a highly qualified and skilled Maltese gaming workforce that is fluent in various languages
  • a state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure

Remote iGaming Malta Requirements

All Maltese gambling operators must be licensed by the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority to carry out any of the following activities: (a) online gaming; (b) online betting offices or online betting exchange offices; (c) the promotion and abetting of gaming from Malta and (d) hosting and managing third-party online gaming companies in Malta. A Malta gaming license is valid for a period of five years and can be renewed for further five year periods. An application fee and an annual fee is payable.

Maltese gaming licensees also pay a gaming tax, which is calculated according to the type of gaming/betting operations they carry on in Malta. The total Malta Tax payable for each Malta gaming license is capped.

Further information on gaming Malta companies may be obtained from our fact sheet on Remote iGaming Malta.

Taxation of Remote iGaming in Malta

The shareholders of Malta egaming companies, whether physical or corporate shareholders, may avail themselves of the refundable tax credit system available under Maltese law. Furthermore, due to the imputation tax system provided for under Maltese tax legislation, the shareholders will not pay further tax on the dividends received from the company. For further details kindly refer to our fact sheet entitled Malta Companies and Taxation.

EMD’s iGaming Department

We at EMD through our fully fledged iGaming Malta department, provide our gaming clients with a comprehensive professional support service in most matters relating to their eGaming business requirements. Therefore, besides assisting clients to obtain their igaming Malta license and ensuring continued compliance with the license conditions, we also provide clients with other advisory and support services which they may require to run their operations efficiently and effectively. These services include:

  • company formation
  • local and international taxation, accounting
  • drafting and review of documentation, payroll services, work permit applications
  • recruitment, employment matters, corporate management and administration
  • opening of bank accounts for all Malta gambling companies

EMD also assist operators who are relocating to Malta with their various needs in the relocation process such as getting their official Malta residence. EMD’s client portfolio comprises several gaming companies licensed in Malta, including some of the world’s major players in the gaming industry. EMD ensures that operators in the Malta gaming industry and holders of Malta gambling licences are afforded with a complete service for their operational needs.

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