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Finding the best person to fit the job in the best interest of the organisation is our main aim. However, we believe that we cannot achieve this unless we truly understand ones’ personality, motivations, values, beliefs and interests. Based on this rationale, we use tests and assessments to allow us to understand whether an individual has the attributes necessary to succeed in particular jobs. This is in line with our approach which takes on a Career Consultancy mentality, tackling the hiring process in a holistic manner. Tackling the psychology behind a career move, making the candidate aware of its importance and benefit to his/her career all form part of this mentality.

It is therefore our aim to guide the candidate in making the right decision, primarily for the benefit of their career, because we believe that it is only in this way that one can be satisfied with their new employer, and eventually become our hiring client too.

Being continuously in contact with the market, we would be in a position to offer important market information on up-and-coming job opportunities that are in line with one’s career progression. Furthermore, throughout a hiring process we will:

    • Advise the candidate how to assess their next step – we will go the distance to understand

what he/she is after and that this is matched by the career opportunity we present. A better paid job is not the primary motivating factor behind a career move;

  • Provide the candidate with guidelines on how to prepare for the meetings and ‘stand out of the crowd’;
  • Provide the candidate with feedback from the Hiring Manager which is accurate and truthful. We will also facilitate negotiations between the candidate and Hiring Manager, and if required clear out any misunderstandings that may arise during a hiring process;
  • Maintain contact after a placement to see how things moved forward and if expectations were met;
  • Build a strong working relationship with the candidate that will be long-term oriented.

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