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Most organisations are fully dependent on technology when carrying out their day-to-day operations. Along with the obvious benefits that technology has brought about, there are now new areas of risk that need to be understood and managed.

Managing risk in technology can be extremely complex. With rapid growth through technological advancements, keeping up is a challenge. Technology change is a driving force behind operational and organisational change.

By combining organisational change with technology dependency and the extent of risk becomes obvious. The leading organisations are those that manage this risk, while continuing to exploit the opportunities and benefits that technology brings to their business.

Risk can only be managed effectively once it has been identified and well understood. This is not an easy task in itself as technology is becoming increasingly complex. Many organisations today have various technology environments with different systems communicating with each other.

Our consultants can help you gain a clear picture of the overall risk brought about by the technologies in place at your organisation. Our services can directly benefit your organisation by:

  • Exposing the main areas of technology risk associated with your organisation’s current technology infrastructure;
  • Carrying out a detailed assessment of the controls and procedures being relied upon for the availability of systems, integrity of data, and general security.
  • Adapting the scope of the review to your organisation’s needs; thus we will only review the security components that provide you with assurance. The focus, the depth and the duration of the assignment will be determined by you.
  • Presenting a set of prioritised recommendations for improvement so you can make the right information technology investment decisions.

All assignments will be a joint effort on both ends, using our experience and proven methodologies for the end result to be of real value to your organisation.