Our recruitment team is primarily geared towards:

  • search
  • selection
  • recruitment consultancy


The ‘search’ method, which is perhaps better known as headhunting, is preferred by those who want to reach passive candidates. Within each organisation there is a core of well qualified and happy individuals who are not actively looking to change position and are therefore not reading adverts in the print media and internet or applying to recruitment agencies. This method is often adopted when hiring organisations want to target a specific sector of the market, often involving direct competitors or specific regions. In such cases, a number of organisations which meet the pre-determined criteria set by the client are chosen in order to approach appropriate individuals with required expertise. We differ from other recruitment agencies in that we specifically target these key individuals who tend to be the higher achievers.


Although the above approach may be appealing to all organisations, this may not be the best solution at all times. When organisations want to attract potential candidates from a larger ‘pool’, a different methodology will be adopted. The ‘selection’ process is preferred in such cases and is normally done through advertising campaigns, a thorough search in our existing database and the use of our extensive network.

Recruitment Consultancy

Experience, qualifications and technical know-how are easily assessed, but they are limited in the extent to which they can predict good job performance. Our aim is to provide you with the best solutions for your needs and thus we give you the opportunity to assess individuals’ personality, motivations, values, potential and abilities to find the best match for your requirements.

Our ‘consultative’ role is useful in assisting you to carry out a job analysis and develop job-descriptions and a person-specification in line with the current organisational structure. Based on these documents, our team is equipped to identify and administer the best assessment tools that can be used to predict individuals’ performance and their job satisfaction in a specific position. During this process, we give due importance to how different aspects of the business may influence the recruitment process and how recruitment itself may influence the rest of the business.

Taking this holistic approach will enable organisations to be more accurate in their final decision and will avoid extra costs resulting from poor selection tools. Our ultimate aim is to help your business grow and succeed with the help of the most valuable organisational assets: talent and passion.



We also offer:

A place to meet candidates in confidence:

  • When recruiting for sensitive vacancies, clients and candidates have the facility to use our equipped ‘talent lab’ to conduct interviews and assessments in privacy.

To manage the offer process:

  • The required candidate is likely to be in high demand and will know his or her true worth. Our expertise can be invaluable at this stage in facilitating the offer process and acting as intermediary.

A 360 degree referencing:

  • All shortlists forwarded to clients are thoroughly screened through our 360 degree referencing system which allows us to get feedback from managers, colleagues and direct reports.

Our Perspective is a holistic one that allows us to differentiate ourselves from the rest and enables us to provide a service of high quality. Through our objective professional counsel:

  • We provide invaluable source of feedback to management during the hiring process;
  • We assist management in evaluation of the candidate’s expectations;
  • We strive to understand the organisation’s culture and team structure within which the newly hired candidate will be positioned. We do this to ensure that the candidate selected would be a good fit from a personality perspective too;
  • We look for stand-out characteristics in our candidates to provide our clients with individuals who can really add value to their organizations;
  • We go a long way in discussing career progression with the short-listed candidate to ensure that he or she understands that the ambitions and motivations for their career advancement will be met within the potential new employer. A better paid job should not be the primary motivating factor behind a career move. Other issues include advancement potential, opportunities for growth, challenge, management change and a company’s direction should be the vital decision-making criteria, and these we tackle with the candidate;
  • We provide industry expertise (e.g. development of job description and compensation packages), and;
  • We provide detailed reference checking, e.g. 360 degree referencing, police conduct, and more

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