Insurance Law

The insurance sector in Malta boasts a mature market with a compliment of life and non-life insurers and reinsurers operating locally and overseas as well as a burgeoning international captive sector.

The business of insurance is regulated by the Insurance Business Act (1998) and the Insurance Intermediaries Act (2007) together with an array of regulations, directives and guidelines which reflect the E.U. Directives in this field. The regulatory demand for transparency and compliance coupled with the intrinsic right of insurers and reinsurers to passport their business throughout the European Economic Area (“EEA”) indicates that the growth of the insurance sector is likely to continue. One can also find a wider definition of a “Captive” under Maltese law, to include members of a trade, industry or profession association insuring risks related to the particular trade, industry or profession.

Malta is the only full European member state to offer Protected Cell Company (“PCC”) legislation, allowing companies to establish a cell within a PCC and write risk through that cell.

Malta’s insurance legislation is based on detailed research and analysis carried out amongst Maltese and international insurance operators and consequently provides opportunities for captive insurance business and related activities; protected cell companies; insurance management companies and regional operations for insurers, reinsurers and brokers.

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