Manufacturing Companies

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Manufacturing companies are entitled to a vast array of incentives of a fiscal nature as well as other benefits. These include:

    • Tax credits for micro enterprises and the self-employed which entitle qualifying companies to avail themselves of a tax credit amounting to a percentage of the eligible expenditure and wages of newly recruited employees and/or apprentices. Eligible enterprises are allowed a tax credit equivalent to 40% of specified expenses. A further additional bonus of 20% applies to Gozitan enterprises;


    • Incentives in the form of investment aid which serve to promote investment and job creation. This incentive provides tax credits expressed as a percentage of the investment in qualifying expenditure;


    • Grants awarded to innovative start-up enterprises that demonstrate a potential for job creation and economic growth. Such grants support the acquisition of tangible and intangible assets and non-routine expert services incurred during the setting-up phase;


  • SME development grants awarded to eligible enterprises which part finance their first time participation in trade fairs and subcontracting external experts in relation to new development projects. Through this incentive Malta Enterprise covers up to 50% of the total eligible costs.