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The Maltese islands are striving to project themselves as an ideal audiovisual production (including films, television programmes, documentaries and commercials) location with astounding success.  Apart from the rich history, ideal climate, picturesque scenery, stable government and the hospitality of the Maltese, Malta has all the amenities necessary to qualify as an excellent production base.

Malta offers various filming locations, including the world famous water tank facilities.  This is complemented by a multi-disciplinary workforce and professionals fluent in various European languages, who are in a position to provide a professional and efficient service.

Malta has ratified the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production, which Convention provides a set of rules governing relations between states in multilateral co-productions of cinematographic films.  The Convention’s provisions define in particular the status of multilateral co-productions, which are entitled to the benefits granted to national films; the conditions for obtaining co-production status; the rights of co-producers and the proportion of contributions from each co-producer, among others.

In order to obtain co-production status, the work must involve at least 3 co-producers established in 3 different Parties to the Convention. The participation of one or more co-producers who are not established in such Parties is possible, provided that their total contribution does not exceed 30% of the total cost of the production.  In addition, the co-produced work must also satisfy the criteria in the Convention to qualify as a European cinematographic work.

Malta also has a bi-lateral agreement with Canada on Audiovisual Co-Productions.  Co-producers applying under this treaty must have a minimum financial participation equivalent to the total budget and this applies to both bi-lateral and multi-lateral co-productions.

This Treaty provides for the possibility of location shooting in a third country, provided technicians from producing countries take part in the shooting.

Furthermore, the participation of third party performers and lab work in a third country is permissible subject to certain criteria and with the approval of the competent authorities.

In this respect, the services provided by the firm and its associated companies include:

  • Liaison and correspondence with private and government entities, including the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, Malta Customs and the Employment and Training Corporation.
  • Fiscal  advice,  consultancy  and  administration  (including  compiling   and filing VAT refund applications).
  • Accounting, payroll services and the preparation of financial projections.
  • Assistance in obtaining work permits.
  • Administration services.
  • Contract drafting and negotiation, including contracts for work and  services  and property rental agreements.