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Brexit has just happened! But don’t worry if you wish to remain a Maltese resident post December 2020 transition period. In fact British nationals “will keep EU residency rights” after Brexit.

Brexit was originally due to happen on March 29 2019, but the deadline was delayed twice after MPs rejected then Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal between the UK and the EU.

British citizens residing in Malta and in other EU countries have been asking if they will be considered as third country nationals following the 31st of January 2020.This year, that is 2020, will be considered as a transition year with the possibility to extend this period to another year or two and everyone will be granted the opportunity to apply during this period. “The rights they will lose after the transition are the right to vote in EP elections and the right for further free movement, that is, to move to another member state with the same rights there. This applies to both those in Malta before the transition as well as those moving here during the transition,” the spokesperson noted.

From what we have learnt so far, all the British nationals residing in Malta will be having their residence card exchanged for a longer period of validity… 10 years. The same thing goes for all those applying for a Maltese residence period during the transition period, that is during 2020, following which a 10 year validity period will be given to their residence permit, albeit that one would need to submit enough proof to the Maltese authorities that he/she has been living or working in Malta for the past 3 months.

So hurry up and grab the opportunity to become EU residents even post-Brexit!