Building Regulation Act, 2009 (Bill no. 50 introduced April 09, 2010)

A Bill providing for the regulation of the building and construction industry has been published, providing for the establishment of a Building Regulation Office which will essentially be the body ensuring compliance with the building regulations as well as reviewing the capabilities of contractors, tradesmen and other skilled workers involved in the construction industry. The Bill envisages the introduction of compulsory registration for contractors and tradesmen, as well as the enactment of more sector-specific building regulations to regulate areas in the construction industry.

It will also be mandatory, consequent to the enactment of this Bill, to make a contract via a public deed or a private writing, in order to regulate the engagement of a building contractor or a tradesman, in relation to works or services to be undertaken by the same.

It is envisaged that any breach of the provisions of the said Building Regulation Act will be offences punishable by penalties stipulated therein, thereby ensuring an enforcement mechanism for the said regulations.

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