EU residency through Malta post-Brexit

Brexit was originally due to happen on March 29 2019, but the deadline was delayed twice after MPs rejected then Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal between the UK and the EU.


2020 will be considered as a transition year with the possibility to extend this period to another year or two and everyone will be granted the opportunity to apply during this period. All those having a Malta residence card are being contacted by Identity Malta with a letter according to their locality to have their card changed with a longer validity – 10years. This would involve the submission of updated documents as if one is renewing his/her residence card.

For those settling in Malta before the withdrawal date which was end of January, there is the opportunity to apply for a Maltese residence card as long as one provides enough proof showing that he/she has been living or working in Malta for the past 3 months amongst other documents. Malta is part of Schengen, thereby giving the Maltese residence card holder the right to travel through Schengen freely.

A new form for these applicants has been issued by Identity Malta.

All those settling in Malta following the withdrawal date, the 31st January 2020, and applying for Maltese residence by end of 2020, also need to make sure to collect enough evidence of their settlement in Malta for the 3 months prior to their submission of the application for residence in Malta with Identity Malta.

A new form for the latter is currently being prepared by the authorities.