Happy 2020!

Whoever lives on this lovely island of Malta knows how precious long weekends are -especially for all those working in Malta. This year Malta will have 13 public holidays and this year, out of which six are falling either on a Friday or a Monday and some others on a Thursday or a Tuesday. Therefore with some vacation leave strategy this will also result in long weekends… and let’s not forget that this year people working in Malta have an additional day of leave.

Below you can find the list of Public holidays in Malta for 2020:

New Year’s Day – 1st January

This day is part of the Christmas holiday season and the Maltese, and most of the residentsin Malta like many others worldwide, celebrate this year with family and friends.

Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck – 10th February

Such an important day for the Maltese since it commemorates the shipwreck of St Paul in Malta in year 60AD. St. Paul is said to have brought Christianity to Malta.

Feast of St. Joseph – 19th March

It’s a Catholic Feast and in Rabat, a procession with a statue of St. Joseph, is held during the evening around the town.

Good Friday – Friday, 29th March

There are many traditions related to this period of reflection and most people go to Good Friday pageants in the evening held in some Maltese villages. These pageants take the form of long processions with artistic statues portraying scenes from the passion of the Christ, and a good number of people dress up in costumes representing characters from the Bible.

Freedom Day – 31st March

This day celebrates the departure of the last British forces and the Royal Navy in 1979 and Malta, ending Malta’s history as a military base. Traditional regatta boat races are held in the Grand Harbour.

Worker’s Day – 1st May

Malta celebrates Workers’ day with many other countries, promoting solidarity amongst workers and employees and a healthier working environment.

SetteGiugno – 7th June

This day commemorates the riot between the British troops and the Maltese which fired into the crowds and killed 4 people.

Feast of St. Peter & St. Paul – 29th June

A religious feast which has, over the years, turned into something folkloristic. Traditional horse races along with an event in Buskett Gardens take place on the day. One cannot miss the popular rabbit dishes cooked by the locals!

Feast of The Assumption of the Virgin Mary – 15th August

The devotion of the Maltese to Saint Mary derives mostly from the remembrance of the convoy arriving in the Grand Harbour just in time to save Malta from the starvation at the end of the 2nd World War. Most of the local businesses are on shutdown during that week and some Maltese like spending a long weekend or more in Gozo.

Feast of Our Lady of Victories – 8th September

It’s Victory day! The highest Maltese authorities are involved in commemorations around the island while traditional regatta boat races are held annually in the Grand Harbour.

Independence Day – 21st September

Malta became independent from the British Empire on the 21st September, 1964. On this day the Island remembers its ancestors who worked so hard to reach the state of independence for Malta.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception – 8th December

More than one village celebrates this day as the Immaculate Conception is very dear to the Maltese. The Catholic believers are encouraged to go to church on this feast.

Republic Day – 13th December

On this day Malta became a Republic state. The Queen of England was no longer Head of State and was replaced by a Maltese President.

Christmas Day – 25th December

It’s time to get everyone together and celebrate! There are traditional processions with baby Jesus on Christmas Eve as well as midnight Mass. Christmas lunch and exchange of gifts is a tradition in Malta!