IIP Statistics and Maltese Passport

As already specified in the Malta Citizenship Programme regulations, the number of successful applicants who will be granted the Maltese Passport is capped at 1,800, after which the programme will be stopped. According to the latest statistics issued in 2018, the total number of applicants who have been granted approval for the Maltese passport through the IIP has already reached 961 since 2014.

Between the year 2017 and 2018, the number of dependents who applied based on the main applicant’s IIP application, amounted to 818 from the 330 applications received. Heard it through the grapevine that the individuals obtaining a passport through IIP are being included with the list of individuals obtaining citizenship by naturalization and so the number cannot be really calculated.

Bearing in mind that an application under the Malta Individual Investor Programme takes at least 12 months to be processed and therefore a significant number of applications are currently still to be processed or in the due diligence stage. These applications will then be reflected in next year’s report.

Since the inception of the IIP until 30th June 2018, the MIIP received a total of 1431 applications for the Maltese Passport. Taking into consideration the above figure mentioned, the category of applications which were either withdrawn or rejected now stands at 19.5%.

Statistics have shown that the largest number of main applicants applying under the IIP originate from Europe while the second most popular region was Asia. Other applications received originated from the Gulf Region, Africa, the Middle East, North America, South America, Caribbean and Oceania.

An interesting fact is that Asia and Oceania have shown a constant and steady increase in applications received as the year’s progress, while both regions are the farthest from the Maltese Islands.