ICT Disaster Recovery

An efficient organisation plans ahead to meet demand efficiently so as to maintain customer loyalty. However, few organisations have planned how to deal with certain events that would disrupt the operations such as:

  • a breakdown in the computer systems
  • a breakdown in the telecommunications equipment
  • loss of key in-house ICT personnel
  • non-availability of major third-party system support

Effective disaster recovery planning significantly reduces the impact and loss of profits arising from any disruption to normal business operations. Such planning can be defined as the method of minimising the risk of suffering from either a natural, accidental or man-made malicious disaster and then recovering if one occurs.

It is of utmost importance for a client to find the right balance between doing too much (over-investment in back-ups, documentation, etc) and too little (taking preventive measures is usually cheaper than dealing with a disaster).

Our approach is focused, practical, and economical. Our focus is on what matters most – identifying and protecting the critical business processes and resources required to maintain an acceptable level of operation.


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