Language and Population


Maltese and English are the two official languages in Malta.  Most business correspondence, commerce and trade is conducted in English, thereby making Malta an attractive location to conduct international business and also to become a resident here.  Although Maltese, the native language, is of Semitic origin, it also contains various words which have been imported from foreign languages through the ages.  Maltese is one of the official languages of the European Union.  Fluency in other languages, particularly Italian, French, German, Spanish and Arabic, is widespread.


The population of the Maltese Islands currently stands at approximately 400,000 persons and increases by approximately 0.4% each year.  The Maltese are known to have a very highly developed sense of hospitality and are considered by many as friendly, peace-loving people.


The great majority of the Maltese profess the Roman Catholic faith.  Church services are mostly conducted in Maltese but services in other languages, particularly English, Italian, French, German and Greek are also held.

Other religious denominations have places of worship in Malta and there is general acceptance and tolerance of other religious denominations.


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