Living in Malta is a dream to some

Living in Malta is a dream to some…… Malta is a popular destination that attracts many tourists, but what about living on the island?

Those who are on a hunt for sun and a cool lifestyle can start packing their bags! You’ll quickly find that the island has a lot to offer and is full of surprises. The everyday life is rather affordable, compared to most countries. Malta is indeed a very safe country to live in too.

It’s hard to beat 300 days of sunshine in a year. For heat lovers, Malta’s summers are as close to perfection as it gets. Pack your swimsuits, stock up on sunscreen and head out! The Maltese winters are very short and mild. Malta is surrounded by beaches, whether rocky or sandy, and you will find one every 5 minutes round the coast.

There are many international companies in Malta and therefore obtaining a job is indeed possible especially when considering that the level of unemployment in Malta is the lowest in Europe. English and Maltese are the official languages in Malta but foreign companies are always on the lookout for foreign language speakers.

Public health care in Malta is free as long as you are employed and pay social security contributions. On the other hand, private health insurance is also inexpensive

Malta welcomes foreigners from all over the world and with the Malta Residence and Visa Programme(MRVP or the so called Golden visa) and Individual Invest or Programme(or IIP – resulting in a successful applicant obtaining a Maltese passport), living in Malta may just become a dream come true!