Malta awarded “most favoured European domicile” in hedge fund awards

Malta has garnered the coveted award of Europe’s most favoured domicile by the 2013 Hedge Fund Service Provider Rankings. This is seen as a huge improvement from the country’s previous third place in 2012. Eligible voters for this survey included single manager hedge funds or FoHF organisations and investors portraying the diverse array of formats in the Maltese hedge fund sector. Malta’s already dominant financial services sector is predicted to further expand in the near future with the help of this award as many stakeholders would seek to use the Finance Malta brand for the set up of their hedge funds. The huge success of the Maltese financial services sector is mainly a result of a robust legal and regulatory framework, a pro-business attitude and a well-developed operational infrastructure coupled with an emphasis on innovation and a “can-do” mindset. However, importance must also be given to the fact that Malta will remain a competitive jurisdiction in the future by continuing to keep with the tradition of constant responsiveness to the needs and wishes of the various clients involved in this sector.