Malta Remote Gaming Advantages

Remote gaming regulation was originally established in Malta in 2004, however since then the remote gaming industry in Malta has grown and developed, becoming one of the largest and best regarded jurisdictions in the world.


In a nutshell – Why Malta?
Malta offers several attractive factors for the remote gaming operators wanting to establish themselves in Malta:

  • Malta was the first EU member state to regulate remote gaming, and hence has garnered significant experience over the years
  • The Malta Gaming Authority is well aware of the remote gaming industry’s fast changing needs, and hence has adopted a risk-based approach towards regulation and encourages dialogue with remote gaming operators
  • It has a reputation of being a well-regulated jurisdiction that safeguards the interests of both remote gaming operators and players
  • Malta offers a very attractive fiscal regime, offering advantageous corporate tax rates
  • Malta has a stable political and economic climate
  • It has well-established financial services institutions and payment gateways
  • The Malta Gaming Authority offers an efficient and relatively inexpensive remote gaming licensing process
  • Possibility of having one corporate licence for a corporate group as opposed to each entity applying for an individual remote gaming licence
  • Affordable licence fee payable annually
  • Reasonable rates for compliance contribution charges and, a 5% gaming tax payable only on gaming activity generated by Maltese players
  • Availability of professionals and support services specialised in the gaming industry
  • A highly qualified and skilled workforce that is fluent in various languages
  • A state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure

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