Third country nationals may apply for a single permit authorising them to legally work and reside in Malta. Applicants are provided with a permit which incorporates a residence permit and an employment license which is usually granted for a year and may be renewed.

To get the process going, applicants are required to secure a job in Malta first before they may submit their work permit application together will all the required documentation. Once the applicant signs the job contract, they may choose to apply through either of the two following options; as still abroad or apply for a single permit while in Malta.

Apply when still abroad

Third country nationals would need to work on the collection of the relevant documentation together with signing of forms. In this case, applicants would have a third party submit the application on their behalf for processing. Once all documentation has been vetted by the authorities, an invitation letter will be issued for the applicant to proceed to Malta. This letter will include instructions and conditions on how the applicant can proceed to Malta to complete their work permit application. Applicants are required to be in possession of a valid visa to enter Malta.

Once in Malta, applicants would need to settle the pertaining documentation in accordance with the then current requirements to proceed with their second half of the application. This includes, finding a property to reside in while carrying out their work in Malta and any medical tests done if required. Once all documentation has been collected, applicants are to submit their second part of the application in person and have their biometric data taken on the day. Applicants will be provided with an acknowledgment receipt confirming that their application has been submitted as well as authorising the individual to work in Malta until their permit is issued.

Apply when in Malta

Alternatively, applicants may decide to come to Malta on a business visa, find a job and submit the application for a work permit while they are on the island. Their biometric data will be taken on the same day and will be provided with an acknowledgment receipt confirming their application has been submitted. In this case, applicants will not be authorised to work in Malta until their work permit has been issued.

Key Employee Initiative (KEI)

Applicants earning an annual gross salary of at least €30,000 will qualify for the Key Employee Initiative. The KEI is a fast-tracked service for highly skilled individuals. The process involved is identical to either of the two options mentioned above, however the application will be processed within a few working days instead.

All acknowledgment receipts issued are not fit for travel. If the holders of the interim receipt leave Malta, the document will not be valid for their re-entry into Malta. The work permit will be issued within an average of 8 to 10 weeks if not under the KEI. Upon application submission, applicants are required to settle the application fee of €280.50.