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Ordinary residence in Malta requires individuals to physically live on the island for a period of six months or more. EU/EEA/Swiss nationals may apply as being economically self-sufficient by proving that they are financially stable or on the basis of employment if an individual works in Malta as an employee or is self-employed. EU/EEA/Swiss nationals and Non-EU nationals may accompany the main applicant provided that they prove that they are financially dependent on the latter. One may also apply on the basis of education if an individual is studying in Malta. If the student is under-age, his/her legal guardian can apply for a residence permit to accompany him/her upon confirming that he/she has stable and regular income.


EU/EEA/Swiss nationals and their family members may apply for permanent residence upon completing a continuous five-year period of legally living in Malta. Applicants must not have absented themselves from Malta for more than six months a year.

Non-EU nationals may apply for a residence permit if they will be working in Malta or upon opening a business in Malta provided certain criteria are satisfied.


Foreign partners of EU nationals may apply for residence in Malta provided that they confirm that they have a regular and stable income and that the relationship has existed for at least two years.


Non-EU nationals who reside legally in Malta may apply for the reunification of their family members, namely the spouse being 21 years of age or over and minor unmarried children under the age of 18.

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