Medical Cannabis

As of March 2018, Malta legalised the production of cannabis for medicinal and research purposes through the Production of Cannabis for Medicinal and Research Purposes Act. The Maltese government sees the production of Medical Cannabis as a progression within its life sciences sector, which already includes the production of pharmaceuticals, active ingredients, medical devices, testing…

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Transfer of Shares in Malta Companies

Transferring of shares in private limited companies in Malta is a simple and straightforward process. Following the drafting of the share transfer agreement, one is to submit to the Malta Commissioner for Revenue a statement prepared by a Certified Public Auditor stating whether the transfer of shares constitutes the transfer of a controlling interest in…

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IIP Statistics and Maltese Passport

As already specified in the Malta Citizenship Programme regulations, the number of successful applicants who will be granted the Maltese Passport is capped at 1,800, after which the programme will be stopped. According to the latest statistics issued in 2018, the total number of applicants who have been granted approval for the Maltese passport through…

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