The Individual Investor Programme (IIP)

A growing number of wealthy individuals seek to invest and migrate elsewhere due to political and socio-economic instability in their countries, giving another chance to themselves and their families to improve their life in a more stable environment while expanding their business interests.

Malta has seen this opportunity and has created the IIP Programme to attract wealthy high net worth private individuals who are interested in migrating elsewhere by contributing to the growth of the Maltese economy. A yet small country but with a booming economy and a stable political climate, Malta, gives the opportunities through sound and smart investments. Malta has weathered the financial crisis and has maintained economic growth during this challenging time.

The Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme is designed in a way that is intended to expand opportunities and also attracting to Malta those people willing to invest and believing in the potential of such a small island.

The investment required under the IIP Programme takes the form of a monetary contribution to the National Development and Social Fund established by the Malta Government for the purpose of bringing about qualitative improvements in Malta through public interest, social and capital projects, the main applicant is required to contribute at least Eur650,000 to Malta. Applicants are also required to invest at least €150,000 in bonds or shares approved by the Maltese Government and must be kept for at least five years.

Through a rigorous due diligence process, applicants must show that they are in good health and that they wouldn’t be a burden on the Maltese health system, purchase or lease a property and also provide sufficient links to Malta.

The applicant (and dependents) must also be of good repute and must show a good criminal record, and the Maltese authorities would then carry their checks with various other authorities and sources. All citizenship applications under the Malta Individual Investor Programme go through a systematic review and evaluation process. 

An overview of the government fees involved for the Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme would be as follows –


Main applicant – €650,000

Spouse – €25,000

Each and every child aged below 18 – €25,000

Each and every dependent unmarried child aged 18-26 – €50,000

Each and every dependent parent aged above 55 – €50,000

Passport Fees

per person – €500

Due Diligence Fees

Main applicant – €7,500

Spouse – €5,000

Each and every child aged 13-17 – €3,000

Each and every dependent unmarried child aged 18-26 – €5,000

Each and every dependent parent aged above 55 – €5,000

Bank Charges

per application – €200

The IIP Programme requires the applicant to be a resident in Malta for a period of at least 12 months.