The Nomad Residence Programme

A new programme has recently been introduced for those who wish to move to Malta temporarily whilst working remotely. This option allows applicants to continue working for a company based abroad whilst legally residing in Malta. The Nomad Residence Permit is designed for digital nomads who can be employed with a company which is based overseas, run their own business or provide freelance services to clients outside of Malta. Applicants who wish to apply for this incentive must be third country nationals who prove that they are able to work remotely. This incentive allows third country nationals to join the already thriving community of European digital nomads in Malta.

The following criteria must be met in order to be eligible for this permit:

  • The applicant must reach a monthly income threshold of EUR 2,700 gross of tax
  • Have a contract of work with an employer registered in a foreign country


  • Conduct business activities for a company registered in a foreign country and of which applicant is partner/shareholder;


  • offer freelance or consulting services, mostly to clients whose permanent establishments are in a foreign country, and with whom the applicant has contracts.

Malta is an ideal location for digital nomads due to its nature as a multicultural and cosmopolitan island. Expats find it easy to expand their networks while enjoying Malta’s warm climate. As an English-speaking country with easy travel to the rest of Europe, Malta is quickly becoming one of the best locations to work remotely.

For further information about the above Nomad Residence Programme feel free to contact us on +35622030000 or send us an email on